Generous stylish design, High-Grade quality; Frosted process for
surface finishing, stable & durable and reliable.

Fully compatible   One is enough

4 charging slots can charge different kinds of batteries at the same time,
each charging slot load max 800mA.

Compatible with: Li-ion(4.2V / 4.35V)/ LiFePO4(3.6V)battery.
Battery Specification:


Compatible with: Ni-MH / Ni-Cd(1.48V)
Battery Specification: AA AAA AAAA C

Compatible with car charging mode, let you more
comfortable in traveling

Compatible with DC 12V(Car changing) & AC 86-265V Input

Large LCD screen, full display charging data

Large LCD display states the voltage, current, charging time, mode, battery type, internal resistance,
battery capacity data, let you know the charging status easily.

High precision digital calibration, ensure
battery fully charged


More details

Better Material, More Safe

Adopt the safe and fire prevention PC+ABS material, Made of fire
prevention material, with heat-resisting, low temperature resistance
and scratch resistance; Environmental and safety.

High Quality Power Supply, Excellent Safety Performance

Build-in 18w power with Anti lightning strike function. EMC electromagnetic compatibility, 8 hours full load aging.
Power board isolated from other circuit boards totally to ensure safety

High elasticity negative polarity
sliding rail, connection is better

Every slot has a High-precision sliding polarity bracket, easily moving,
Effectively Anti-corrosion, Anti oxidation, Durable; Long-term use will
not be biased.

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